Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mail !

Human entered a pet swap so told us we got someting in the mailbox !

She put in on the table in search for that flash thing she has to make pictures

And yes we had to push it off the table and even a tea cup fell over

She told us it's from Belgium, but we don't care we want to know what is inside !

Some cat toys, sweets food and milk for us

note below is how evil Murray is when it comes to thes packs of food (yes that is her mouth open on the package)

Murray & these packs = holes in it *points below*

More sniffing

And since Murray got a hole in that pack human gave it to us


Oh yes Evi also gave human a cat keyring :)

Dank je wel Evi ! :)

Human send this to America to Squirt
Some treats, toys and she stitched something for Squirt's owner

This on the back of the sticthing ;)

Thank you for visiting

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Kristin MM said...

That is too funny! I love your blog! I found it through the Cat RR!