Friday, August 15, 2008

Meet Alfred...

Since human did not resize her own pictures yet, not that she is happy with us at the moment, One of us got inside her bag and found her bobbins with stitch yarn (& we just love yarn..)
Here is the result of that :

So we were glad her dad send us these photo's
Of Alfred, the new cat from humans parents

Alfred is about three years old and comes from the animal shelter in town

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Our human called me a silly kitty this morning.
I just had to go to her other bedroom, the glass above the door is broken so if I climb on things on the outside I can go trough there & jump down, but I can't get out again by myself if the door is closed.
But she found me before she went to work and opened the door for me.

Human added links to our friends and added a photo slideshow with pictures of us

Some old pictures of us :

Look I like sticking out my toungue ;)

& Jimmy

I think our human put the pictures of Alfred on the computer yesterday but had no time to put them on the web but we will be showing hims soon :)

Monday, August 11, 2008


Hi friends !

Human keeps forgetting to upload pictures of new cat of her parents, atleast she made some pictures ;) but I have no clue where she put them.

So we will show you an old one of us watching TV in bed

Jimmy on the left & me on the right (& that black fluffy thing in front of us is Mina)
We like Tochwood (that was on TV)

Thursday, July 17, 2008



Welcome to our blog.
We already had a Dutch blog but you know us cats we like to have more attention so we made our human make us one here ;)

Let me introduce us, we are Murray & Jimmy two cats from The Netherlands.
Jimmy is a 4 year old boy and I, Murray am a 7 year old girl
We live with our human who also has a blog called Cats & Stitching she likes to make crafty things and you might have seen us pop up on one of the pictures.

Here we are when Jimmy was just a little baby boy

Hope you come visit us again